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G4G Gameathon starts 11/30 DE sponsored prizes


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My last push for the event, god I need more caffeine.

Guys I am the creator of a Gameaton fundraiser for Crohn's & Colitis Foundation call Gaming4Guts. So we need streamers and mods for it and people spreading the word. I'm going to be streaming that saturday(12/1) for 24 hours from 12pm to 12pm. Reason I come up with the event is I have severe Crohn's and had lost count of the amount of Ops I've had from it and my mom passway from Crohn's a few years ago so this fundraiser is my baby. Below is how you can win the Plat or if you want to Sign up.

DE has given us Fortuna Mega Bundle, Chroma Prime Access, and a 1000 Plat prize,  I am planning to be streaming Warframe between 6pm and 10pm central time zone, 12/1 Saturday and that when I'll be raffling off the prizes during the Warframe part of the stream. Oh maybe we can end the Warframe part of the stream with floofs! I'll streaming the event at my page. https://www.twitch.tv/crohnsgamer

The page to sign up as a streamer or team of streamers

We also have it as a facebook event

Love you all and thank you for your time


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