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Fortuna: Hotfix 24.1.2 +

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15 minutes ago, [DE]Drew said:

Fortuna: Hotfix 24.1.2


  • Orb Vallis Excavation missions now spawn Excavators that will equally match player count, with the exception of a full squad of 4 players where only 3 Excavators will spawn.

Why ?


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7 minutes ago, ArindeI said:

Still no fix for archwing going sideways constantly in PoE/Orb Vallis...

I believe that is an intentional thing, that happens when you hold your shift key to fly faster. you can then use A and D to spin your archiwing, and use your mouse too. Try letting go of shift, and you'll return to standing upright

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Fix the error of Staticor VS Vomvalyst
Shooting the Vomvalyst with Staticor makes these, celestial (ready to be absorbed by the Lure), but it turns out that the Lure passes close and are completely ignored.
I think this bug is with all the explosive weapons, the explosion wave has a chance to make the Lures ignore the vomvalyst. And the vomvalyst are not absorbed as they should be.

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  • Fixed Chilling Reload, Streamlined Form, and Drifting Contact missing from Alerts. 

I know chilling reload is a nightmare alert, but I didn't know that [Streamlined Form] and [Drifting Contact] were also alerts. I thought the last two were specific planets/tilesets only.

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11 minutes ago, Fire2box said:

I got mastery from the moa and kitgun I bought they pushed me to MR26. haven't bought a k-drive as I heard they aren't giving mastery unless built. 

I bought all 3 K-drives and they gave me mastery, weird.

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The mission voting interface still appears in the top left every time I'm in Fortuna blocking my mini-map with no way of hiding it (clicking the X usually doesn't work).

This was in the list of fixes for the very first hotfix after Fortuna but it is not fixed for me. I posted a bug report about it weeks ago.

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Glad to see more people asking about when Mastery is going to be fixed. It feels like this issue is being completely ignored. I've sent numerous Tweets and made multiple comments both here and on reddit but there's been no official acknowledgement that there's even an issue.

I logged my total points pre-Fortuna (and this number can be verified by some others and the wiki) and based on that number I'm still owed roughly 9k-

11/07/2018 MR Pre Fortuna 1,675,613  
  Star Chart (???) 24
* 24 on wifes account, but 14 on mine seems to make the numbers make more sense!? ??????
  Garuda 6,000  
  Nagantaka 3,000  
  Battacor 3,000  
  Ocucor 3,000  
  Kreska 3,000  
  Lambeo 6,000 * bought w/ plat
  Oloro 6,000 * bought w/ plat
  Para 6,000  
  Catchmoon 3,000 * bought w/ plat
  Gaze 3,000 * bought w/ plat
  Rattleguts 3,000  
  Tombfinger 3,000 * bought w/ plat
  Oxylus 6,000  
  Multron 3,000  
  Bad Baby 3,000 * bought w/ plat
  Flatbelly 3,000 * bought w/ plat
  Needlenose 3,000 * bought w/ plat
  AKVasto Prime 3,000  
  Cryotra 3,000  
  Tazicor 3,000  
  Vulcax 3,000  
  MR Should Be Total 1,753,637  

and then if you take my current MR in-game (WHICH IS WRONG) there's a discrepancy of about 9k-

11/19/2018 MR Actual In-Game 1,744,627
  MR Difference 9,010


Something also weird to note is that "24" number. Using "14" makes more sense with my numbers because then I'm owed an even 9k but after seeing all the Mastery issues I specifically logged my wife's account Mastery before she did the Fortuna quest and unlocked the Orb Vallis node on the star chart and the difference was "24".

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