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[New mission type concept] Scavanger


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New mission type: Scavenger (concept inspired by Black Opps 2 Zombies)

Endless mission with the objective being to survive as many rounds as possible. Rounds are similar to a defence in the sense that once all the enemies are killed the next round will commence. Objective is similar to survival in the sense that the aim is to survive as many waves as possible.

Warframes are spawned into an environment that has suffered an emp nuke, as a result no abilities can be used. Enemy type of the game mode is ghouls. The emp nuke residue is of such intensity that even warframe parkour is reduced (adds an additional factor of difficulty to the game mode as players have to worry about positioning now as they can’t simply bullet jump out of danger). Players will only be able to walk, run and single jump if on the ground meaning players can’t jump when falling to negate the landing brace stagger animation (no bullet jumps, rolls, slides, wall runs, aim glide, etc). By limiting movement like this, players are forced to use the environment as barricades and are forced to group together and plan positioning (players also suffer more serious consequences if not positioned well such as falling from a high place without being able to jump will result in the player suffering the landing brace stagger). Players will spawn in with the lato and the fists of their warframes. No mods are equipped onto warframes (warframe stats are similar to conclave) that way every player has a fair opportunity to play the game mode (game mode can be played by both veterans and beginners with the difficulty being equal).  

With regards to acquiring modding and weapons: players will have an in game currency (ghoul blood) which they acquire from killing enemies (enemies should start at level 1 as all warframes and weapons are unmodded and starting weapons are the lato and fists). Melee kills award most currency followed by head shot kills and then body kills (fists have a short cool down and can only be used one punch at a time. Player punches once then cool down ticks down till player can punch again). Melee should do enough damage to kill enemies in early waves but become ineffective as waves progress (this gives players the opportunity to gain as much ghoul blood in the early waves as possible). The game mode works in a cycle repeat of 20 waves (21 will be the same as wave 1 and so on) with 3 unique waves. Waves 5 and 15 of the 20 wave cycle being hunter waves, wave 10 being a mini boss wave and wave 20 being a boss wave. Enemies should start off at low level only being able to walk and progressively get more difficult to kill (increased health and armour) and gaining the ability to run. Ghoul types should do max damage from the beginning (damage dealt doesn’t increase as waves increase, only health, armour and movement speed). A normal ghoul should be able to kill an unmodded warframe with 4 hits (2 hits to get through the shield and 2 to get through the health roughly, every warframe will be different relative to the unmodded stats). As waves progress more enemies spawn and as a result this poses the increased threat of difficulty instead of an increase in damage. Player extraction will work similar to defence (giving players the opportunity to leave whenever a round ends) but players can keep playing until all warframes are dead (no scavenger specific rewards are lost upon mission fail, only resources are lost. Therefore beginners can use this mission type to acquire resources whereas veterans can push themselves to try and obtain the scavenger specific rewards, as resources are not as valuable anymore to a veteran) that way, still giving players the opportunity to leave on demand but also encouraging players to see how far they can go without the fear of losing scavenger loot (this game mode focusses more on an enjoyable re-playable mission type but can be used to farm resources such as maybe endo, kuva and void traces if needed).

Tile set: The tile set will be one of Orokin origin such as a tile set similar to that of Lua’s (broken down Orokin temple). The tile set for this game mode will have to remain the same for each subsequent time a player plays it (such as with plains of eidolon and the relays) in order to make sure that each replay is equally fair as players are given rewards based on how many waves they can survive (needs to be the same for everyone). The tile set should be relatively square ish as to give the map four edges. Players spawn in at the middle of the tile set. At each edge there is a gated area with a gate that is locked as the players spawn in. gates open up one at a time with each subsequent wave starting at wave 2 (wave 2 first gate opens, wave 3 second, wave 4 third and on wave 5 - the first hunter wave (explained below)- the last gate opens). In each of these new areas there will be Orokin objects (explained below) to interact with (spawn behind random gates as to make the early game somewhat different every time). In each gated area, basic primary and secondary weapons will be bound to the walls of these gated areas (gated area of spawn is random as to add in some variability into early game). Players can purchase wall bound weapons with ghoul blood (in doing so it replaces the current weapon with the weapon bought. In the case of a secondary weapon it will replace the starting lato on purchase of first secondary weapon. No stat buffs are transferred so the weapon is bought unmodded and the progress along with the replaced weapon is lost). Wall mounted guns should be ‘weakest’ weapons in each class (no melee weapons will be able to be bought, player stays with fists for the entire game mode, this plays into killing bosses). More advanced weapons can be bought with ghoul blood from a powered up Orokin anvil (Orokin objects explained below). All primary and secondary weapons should be available to either be bought from a wall mount or acquired from the Orokin anvil (this way players are able to use this mission type as a testing field for new weapons or weapons which they do not have yet, before investing resources and time into them).

In mission currencies:

Ghoul blood (acquired from killing ghouls, melee kills award most ghoul blood followed by head shot kills and body shot kills). Ghoul blood is used to purchase weapons and buffs.

Power cores (4 parts, one in each gated area, area of part is random every time so players have to look for the part in each gated area. Each part must be brought to a founding bench in the spawn room to create a power core). Power cores are used to power up Orokin objects or used to turn into a power charge (power charges give players the ability to store up a charge in order to use warframe abilities, similar to energy but in this case it is a source of energy that works on a different wave length and therefore is not affected by the emp. Upon creating a power charge, each player is given one charge which can then be used at any point to cast an ability. Abilities require different amounts of charges: first ability consumes 1 charge, second consumes 2, third consumes 3 and fourth consumes 4. Players can have a maximum of only 4 charges therefore not allowing players the opportunity to store up abilities for the later game. Warframes are unmodded therefore abilities won’t do a lot of damage or last for very long (players can’t overpower the mission type with abilities). Drain abilities are given durations as to restrict the power of those abilities. Eg. Excalibur only gets exalted blade for 10 seconds).

After each unique wave (wave 5, 10, 15 and 20 of the 20 wave cycle) more power core parts spawn in gated areas but only if all current parts have been used to make a power core (players are able to power up an Orokin object after every unique wave or make a power charge instead with a power core. Eventually all Orokin objects will be powered up (after wave 60 if every power core is used on an Orokin device) after which cores can only be used to make power charges). As you can see, the intentions of this mission type is to be an endurance run (can still be used to farm resources if needed. This mission type also gives players things to do in mission while grinding, in an attempt to make the grind less tedious).

Orokin objects: all Orokin objects need to be powered up with power cores before being able to use them.

The Orokin anvil [1 in its class] is a device used to acquire stronger weapons. Once powered up the player will spend a chunk of ghoul blood to activate it. Once activated the Orokin anvil displays a random weapon from the weapons that are within the anvil (weapons within the anvil include both primary and secondary weapons). The player can there after choose to keep their current weapon or exchange it for the weapon that is displayed (weapons from the Orokin anvil are unmodded but are better than wall mounted weapons). Players have a chance to get a vault instead of a weapon (if a player receives a vault, the Orokin anvil will be locked for the duration of the wave. Players are unable to use the anvil while it is vaulted).

The Orokin corruptor [1 in its class] is a device that corrupts a weapon with void energy. A corrupted weapon has increased damage, critical chance, critical damage, status chance and increased ammo pool. In order to corrupt a weapon the player must place the weapon in a powered up Orokin corruptor for 5 or so seconds after which the player can retrieve the corrupted weapon from the Orokin corruptor (players can corrupt fists as well as it is needed to kill the devourer during the boss wave).

Orokin enhancers [9 in its class] are devices that give specific buffs to a player. Each Orokin enhancer upgrades the player with 1 specific buff (1 type of enhancer can only give one type of buff, enhancers are differentiated by colour and addition to its name such as a green Orokin health enhancer). Buffs include: increase Health, increase Shield, increase Armour, increase reload speed, increase fire rate, increase multishot, increase revive speed, increase movement speed and a tomb stone buff (player is able to keep buffs if the player dies and respawns the next round, buffs present at death will be morphed into a tomb stone buff which contains all the buffs that were present with tomb stone before the player died). Player can have a maximum of five buffs at a time (player can obtain all buffs by dying with 4 buffs and a tomb stone buff and then acquiring the other 4 upon revival as the first 4 will be morphed into the tomb stone buff). Players will buy a buff from its relevant Orokin enhancer device with ghoul blood once the enhancer has been powered up by a power core.

The Orokin enchanter [1 in its class] is a device that is used to give weapons unique buffs. Such buffs can include things like: bullets explode doing area of effect damage; upon shooting of each bullet a phantom bullet will be fired which will track down the nearest enemy; reloading a weapon causes a charge of electricity to pulsate from the weapon stunning nearby enemies; headshot kills turn enemies into toxin clouds which damage enemies that pass through them, reloading a weapon allows player to perform a super jump with next jump, jump could be similar to low gravity jumps and zephyrs slow fall (just to give a few suggestions). Players can only have one unique buff per weapon allowing a player to have 2 unique buffs in total (one on each weapon). These buffs are purchased with ghoul blood and the Orokin enchanter displays a random weapon buff similar to the Orokin anvil when it displays a weapon. The player can then choose to take the new buff or keep the old one (the player must take the buff with the weapon they wish to enchant).

Normal wave: in a normal wave, ghoul augers will spawn in (ghoul augers will crawl out of predetermined holes so that players are aware as to where enemies will be coming from). Ghoul augers will not cause cold and toxin procs on death and will not be able to use their flame throwers nor dig to players. Special ghoul augers (flame thrower auger and digger auger) can spawn randomly from the ghoul holes throughout the wave. Special ghoul augers look slightly different in order to make them easily identifiable for the players (flame thrower auger will be on fire and digger auger will have a slightly dirty appearance).

Hunter wave: upon start of wave, fog of war covers map (such as in the Halloween event) which affects players sight as well as their minimap. During the hunter wave, players are hunted down by ghoul expireds which have increased movement speed which are easy to kill but do a lot of damage (giving this wave a sort of thrill to it as its kill fast or get killed). When ghoul expireds are killed they release the cloud that procs the cold and toxin effect (making this wave a stationary wave as players don’t want to get caught with cold and toxin proc and vision is reduced so players will tend to group), toxin proc should eventually do enough damage to kill a player with one full toxin proc duration (hunter waves become more thrilling as waves progress). Upon completion of the hunter wave, players are awarded full ammo (players can then use ammo accordingly knowing that at every hunter wave (every 10 waves from wave 5 onwards) they will be given full ammo). Ammo will also drop randomly from ghouls as in a normal mission.

Mini boss wave: at wave 10 (of the 20 wave rotation), a number of ghoul rictuses will spawn in (number increases with every subsequent mini boss wave). Rictus ghouls will behave as normal with regards to their ranged and ram attacks. The ranged attacks of the rictus ghouls will give a different dynamic to the game with each mini boss wave as players now need to be aware of all enemies as all of them pose a range threat as well as a melee threat. If players are rammed, they should be knocked down for a brief duration (this adds to the thrill of this wave as players are vulnerable when knocked down, due to other rictus ghouls being able to target them from afar).

Boss wave: at wave 20 (the last wave of the 20 wave rotation), a large ghoul devourer will spawn in along with the normal wave of ghoul augers. Upon spawn in of the devourer ghoul, an emp nuke is dropped that completely disables the warframes ability to jump (for the duration of the boss wave). Ghoul augers will continue to spawn periodically until the ghoul devourer is killed (that way players can’t cut down the augers and then deal with the devourer alone). In order to kill the devourer, the players need to destroy 4 weak spots before its health pool can be exposed. In order to destroy a weak spot a player needs to get the devourer to ram into an object by standing in front of the object, waiting for the devourer to target the player with the ram and then moving out of the way at the last second. This will stun the devourer for a few seconds, upon stun a player needs to melee the devourer with corrupted fists thus destroying the weak spot (this needs to be done 4 times). The Devourer should move slowly in the beginning and get faster with each subsequent weak spot destroyed and should have two special abilities: one being its ram and the other being its winch hook (the devourer should give specific signals such as a grunt or phrase before performing each special ability). Players affected by the devourers winch hook can be targeted by auger ghouls, making this ability an almost guaranteed down (bleed out).

Players will still bleed out when downed but in this game mode there are no self-revives, players have to be revived by an ally. Upon death (bleed out timer runs out) the player will go into spectator mode and will respawn on start of the new wave. Upon death all progress is lost (weapons, weapon upgrades, buffs and so on. The only exception is buffs if the player had the tomb stone buff) and therefore player respawns in with the starting loadout.

Mini in mission quest for special weapons: in this game mode there will be a special weapon class known as blood born cannons (primary shotgun weapons, ancient ghoul devices used to unleash havoc on the battlefield. Only the worthiest of ghoul blood could wield these weapons). In order to acquire these weapons the player has to finish a mini Easter egg. In order to start this mini quest the player has to acquire a cannon receiver from the Orokin anvil (cannon receiver cannot be used as a weapon at this stage but still replaces weapon in primary slot therefore embarking on this mini quest comes with a price. On the original tile set the player holding the cannon receiver cannot change to their secondary weapon unless maybe when playing solo).

Upon taking of the cannon receiver (acquired by chance from the Orokin anvil), the map begins to shake, ghouls begin to scream as their eyes turn red. Enraged ghouls (red eyed ghouls) will all be drawn to hunting down the player with the cannon receiver in an attempt to dethrone them from the honour they unworthily carry in their hands (other players will then have to protect the player carrying the cannon receiver for the duration of the mini quest as the cannon receiver will be lost upon being downed). After the cannon receiver has been acquired the player will have to wait for the next hunter round.

During the next hunter round the player must search the map for the cannon stock in the fog of war (hunter ghouls (ghoul expired) are still enraged and still target the cannon receiver holder). The hunter round will continue until either the stock has been found or the holder of the cannon receiver has been downed. Upon finding the cannon stock the player will pick it up and join it with the cannon receiver (after this, all remaining ghoul expireds will return to their holes in fear almost showing that the player is becoming worthy of wielding the blood born cannon). The cannon can still not be used as a weapon. Upon finishing of the hunter round, the centre of the map will erupt with ghoul bones and guts and a hole will appear.

In order to retrieve the cannon barrel the player holding the cannon parts must enter the hole alone (can only enter if the player has the parts). The player will teleport to a new map that looks like a maze of trenches from an old ghoul war (the other 3 players will be left in the original tile set and will continue with current wave until the 4th player returns). In the new tile set the player holding the cannon parts will have to search the trench maze for the cannon barrel. Ghoul augers will spawn in the maze which the player has to deal with themselves (player will now swap to secondary weapon, carrying the cannon parts on their backs, on the original tile set the player is unable to swap to secondary weapon unless maybe when playing solo). Once the player has found the cannon barrel, the player will have to take all three parts to a ghoul altar which will be located in a ghoul temple on that tile set. Once the player takes the weapon to the ghoul altar the player will have to kill ghouls around it to sacrifice ghoul blood into the cannon. The cannon blood bar has to fill up in order to complete the blood sacrifice. Upon completion the player is able to acquire the blood born cannon which can now be used as a weapon (powerful shotgun).

The player then makes their way back to the gory ghoul hole and returns back to the original tile set. On return of the player to the original tile set all ghouls will turn to ashes (symbolising that the player is now worthy) and the ghoul alter will appear where the gory ghoul hole was. The mini quest is now complete (all ghouls lose their enragement) but a second additional mini quest is now brought up for the worthy blood born cannon holder (this second mini quest doesn’t affect behaviour of enemies or duration of waves as from the start, it only introduces a new ghoul type that will start spawning in from here on out).

The new ghoul type is known as elementals (ghouls with ranged elemental abilities, four types: heat, cold, toxin and electricity) which has a chance to spawn in during a normal wave (almost like a mini boss). In order to complete the second mini quest the elemental has to be downed (elemental can only be downed by a killing shot from a blood born cannon, if it is killed with any other weapon it will die). Once downed, the player with the blood born cannon has to drag the elemental to the altar (upon initiating of dragging, ghouls will become enraged again and more enraged auger ghouls will spawn in an attempt to kill the player dragging the elemental to the altar in order to stop the sacrifice, if player is downed the elemental will die. Elementals will also die if the player doesn’t begin to drag it shortly after downing it, downed elementals can also be killed by shooting them while they are downed). Upon dragging the elemental to the altar the elemental will be sacrificed and the blood born cannon of the player sacrificing the elemental will gain a 100% elemental buff of the type of elemental that was sacrificed (this cannot be undone, if player wishes to change the element, the player must do the entire first quest over to obtain a new blood born cannon. Four different types can be made: heat, cold toxin and electricity). Thereafter elemental blood born cannons will shoot the element gained from the sacrifice and will gain element specific super shots from the alternative fire of the weapon which consumes the whole shotgun clip (Heat: lobs a massive ball of fire that does massive area of affect damage and leaves behind a patch of fire, ghouls killed in the patch of fire explode upon death. Cold: fires a massive wave of ice that freezes ghouls in their tracks and causes them to take double damage from weapons and triple damage from blood born cannons. Toxin: fires a long cone of toxin sludge that sits on the ground and inflicts ghouls with a slow and toxin proc. Electricity: fires a slow moving projectile that zaps nearby enemies causing them to be stunned. Projectile does massive damage to enemies it passes through. Stunned ghouls will stun other ghouls upon contact). All blood born cannons and elemental blood born cannons can be corrupted at the Orokin corruptor and enchanted at the Orokin enchanter.

Rewards: Players will be rewarded with scavenger unique cosmetics at each milestone (that way players are able to show off how far they’ve been in scavenger and this encourages players to play this game mode repeatedly as new milestones are added or in an attempt to get all the current milestones) such as a scavenger sigil at wave 20, a scavenger syandana at wave 40, a scavenger armour set at wave 60 and so on and so forth. There could even be a table of loot that the player can choose from once reaching a certain milestone such as an option to choose from 10 items when reaching wave 60 (that way players are free to choose rewards but game mode should be challenging enough as to make it difficult for players to get to wave 60, that way players don’t feel enslaved by RNG and a grind as they’re guaranteed an item of their choice). Majority of the rewards have to be none resources otherwise players don’t have a unique drive to want to play the game mode. New scavenger items can simply be added in as players learn how to reach new milestones or new items can be added into existing milestones in order to keep players playing this game mode.

this is just a rough idea I managed to put together. I remember how much fun the Zombie mode in Black Opps 2 was and I thought it would be really cool if warframe had its own zombies game mode. Thank you so much for reading my post if you managed to get this far. Have a blessed day and God bless!

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23 minutes ago, black_death_007 said:

Warframes are spawned into an environment that has suffered an emp nuke, as a result no abilities can be used. Enemy type of the game mode is ghouls. The emp nuke residue is of such intensity that even warframe parkour is reduced (adds an additional factor of difficulty to the game mode as players have to worry about positioning now as they can’t simply bullet jump out of danger). Players will only be able to walk, run and single jump

Stopped reading here. It's not warframe, it has no place in warframe. go back to CoD zombies.

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