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Nyx Alternate Helmets



So. Today my Nyx was done in the foundry, and im having a blast! Its so much fun! 

I looked into the alternate helmets to see if there was anything cool, and it was. Atleast in terms of looks. 

Both helmets gives + and - to things that I feel will make the Nyx worse. 
Do you guys have any experience using these helmets? And if you do, which one would you recommend? 


And while you're at it, am I going in the right direction in terms of modding the Nyx? :/ 



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Vespa is glorious. looks badass too!

Yes, use Vespa if you can get it. +15% Power Efficiency with Streamline gives you 45% reduction in ability cost :D. -5% Armor is a negligible amount since Nyx only has 10 Armor to begin with.

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Nyx has 10 armor already. 9.5 armor for Vespa Nyx is not bad, don't worry. In fact, it is very very very worth the 15% more power efficiency. Just get it. Cheap-&#! Chaos-castings all day long. And it looks kewl.


Menticide Nyx loses 5% shields -after- Redirection/Vigor and gains some more stamina. It looks awesome but has a bad effect. Still, 5% is not much.

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Vespa is nice stats-wise, but I think it looks &#! so I use the other one for aesthetics or the base helm. In terms of modding I don't like duration enchance stuff on Nyx, it just makes recasting harder as you can't do it again until the effect has disappeared or all affected enemies are killed.

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