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Please remove placement restrictions for grass patches


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There's a thing in dojo decoration that stops you from putting decorations on or near terminals and doors. Which I guess makes sense, so you don't block them off or whatever. But this doesn't make sense for grass, since you can just walk straight through it anyway. What this restriction means is that if you want to cover your floor in grass, you're going to have very large empty spaces near the doors and around the stairs of halls.

It'd be great if I could just put them anywhere on the floor, y'know? It's hard enough trying to place them without too much overlap.

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Or rather just straight up remove the restriction for everything but warn the builder when a piece is inside the restricted area, requiring a confirmation that the player intended to put it here.

There's practically no reason to actually have the restriction when you realize can put blocks in one room and have them merge 20 meters across the room connected to it.
And blocking doors is something that can be done with little effort around the restriction.
We have all the necessary resource and menus to travel across the dojo or interact with the building/delete menu without the need for a console so.. Why not?
(Elevator, naviguation and arsenal might be the only exception here )

It just feels unnecessary at this point and prevents a lot of decoration genius from happening.

I built a giant nature-like hallway, proud of myself I figured I'd keep the theme for other rooms, the next one being a T-connector.
Sadly only 20% of the room is unrestricted for large structures which means I couldn't build a cave-like passage and ense just gave up on the idea.

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