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Helene hole on finisher animation


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Using Inaros and get keep getting stuck in a hole that won’t /unstuck. Always Happens on the ground floor between the defense platform and the far wall where the two generator stacks sit on either side of the right facing stairwell. 8 times out of 10 if I perform a melee finisher near the inner edge of the generator (so facing towards the opposite generator on the left) I get the kill and then end up permently stuck in the floor. While stuck I can take damage, be killed, resurrect, and will remain stuck until the stage ends. At which point I can elect to leave the match. While stuck, I can not shoot anybody but Inaros Passive heal on death ray still works normally. Lately I’ve been leveling gear on Helene and have had this exact spot result in this exact issue multiple times. I think it may be finisher animation specific because that seems to be the difference between runs. Other players can still see me when it happens and the 2nd time it happened the screen flashed black for second before sticking me in the floor. 

Last useful note - I’m using a DS4 controller with the Steam version on the game on PC. To this day though I still have to trick steam into running the game right by launching from the system tray submenu with the controller unplugged, then plug it in after sign in. This method does give me full controller use with the radial equipment menu, and access to the keyboard for typing in chat channels for communication and trading.

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