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K-Drive multiplier not increasing


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So when doing tricks on the k-drive, multiplier increases are not happening like they did before the patches today. After the initial jump I can do tricks and get multipliers normally but after a grind it's very inconsistent. Sometimes I get multipliers for tricks and sometimes I don't.

Yesterday, I could get a multiplier of 25-29 on a series of jumps and grinds; today I can't get above 19.

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It's not a bug but a feature.

Feels good to write that and actually mean it 😂


Anyways, check out the Fortuna subforum or general discussions, lots of people are angry about the K-Drive changes from the recent patch.

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14 hours ago, woriye said:

Fortuna pipe-grinder here. I would say it's a bug, since the point multiplier for my case was incredibly inconsistent. Sometimes I get x30 multiplier, sometimes it's stuck at x3 for half of the pipe and end on x9.

It sometimes register tricks as a point multiplier, sometimes it doesn't. I assume this "nerf" is unintentional. If not, then the grind for standing is just plain foolish.


I can go above 30 but is true longer then it was. Maybe is nerf or bug....

On fortuna pipe is 22 MAX this is the limit 3000. All above 22 is no point. If I am slower is maybe 23.... average is 21-22.

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