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This happened a few weeks ago and still have the same problem now can't login the game but i can still login on the: https://www.warframe.com/. The only way i can play the game is using VPN but that is so annoying because it always disconnect very randomly and is not fun playing 500 ping. i tried reinstall, verify, optimize still nothing work

Here the proof:

Website: https://imgur.com/rFKRjwE

In game: https://imgur.com/9Yss7CF

Contact with warframe support but have not got any respond yet

Pls help me fix this problem because love this game and support it

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I have been having this issue for the past 3 months i will play for a little while then my game tells the that their is an update.

I close Warframe and try to update it when the game launches normally but when i get to the log in screen the game says Login failed. Check info, so i restart my xbox and the game works for 30 minutes to 1 hour then i have to restart my game.

I have restarted my game at least 20 times restarted my console itself 6 times, i have done 1 hard restart of my console and i have uninstalled and re installed my game and still nothing has fixed the problem.

Here is a video that i made today December 4th 2018 showing my  problem.


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