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AMD GPU running hotter after on ORB Vallis


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Not sure if localised or generic.

Was running Ivara for conservation , solo , graphic settings are at high.

Noticed the tracks for animals are more clear - attributed it to the update patch mentioning fix for AMD.

Running High settings with few tweaks.

Had PC shutdown 3 times (llike turning off the main switch) while capturing Animals.

Ran again with metrics on this time , noticed GPU temperatures exceeding 92 degrees (have rarely seen them go that high before this , usually stays under 85) and GPU uitil statying between 66 to 100%.

AMD RX 480 GPU , FX 6300 CPU.

Stopped playing on vallis once it started touching 90 again.

went to 78 when on orbiter.

touched 65 degrees in some ceres kuva flood mission.

back to 78 on orbiter where it is steady and i am typing this post.


Would request any other players to check if they are facing similar issues or i am the only one.

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