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New Controller UI limits actions you can bind. Old one didn't. (Not sure if bug, but I think it is)


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Being a founder and having played with controller since I started, yes, I could use keyboard and mouse, but having various wrist issues, when it comes to actually playing and moving around I can't use the mouse due to it hurting too much.

So, I have not rebound my controller for probably almost a year. Even then most of my layout has been the same for several years.

After I realized I can't change it back I now feel stupid for not getting screenshots of the whole controller layout. BUt I can't do anything about that now.

I was just rebinding to change my alt fire to test something, and when I went to change it back I realized that it was now impossible.

There are two main issues.


The Ability menu can't be rebound off of A/B/X/Y and the Transference can't be taken off left bumper.

The following two pictures is what I had as my power layout: (NOW no longer posable, taken from my friends account)


This is what I am now limited to. Taken from my current (Unwanted/Un-usable) setup


Please un-restrict what buttons we can bind our powers to. I don't see how it could cause issues being unrestricted seeing as its how I have had it for years.


The inability to set a button to single action of Slide, or Roll. Again, I have been using Slide, on the right thumbstick, This is no longer possible with the new UI layout. Why limit options on controller, Yes I get there are limited buttons, but why not give us the option to set it the way we want it, just make the defaults all three on one button, but give players the option.


Please either give us BACK the same options as Keyboard. Like you had before the new UI change, or add the option to access those action bindings on controller, or finaly add the old UI back please. I get the desire to have a unified and beautiful looking UI, but you are sacrificing usability for looks. I have no idea how much this may affect the Xbox or PS4 versions of Warframe, but the extra options if they don't already exist on them, I think would be useful to some people.


I almost can't play the game at the moment due to my muscle memory clicking buttons that CAN NO LONGER be set to what I had them to.

Please, Please, PLEASE, DE do something about this. I have supported you for years, both with founders and having only missed ONE prime access.

But now I can't really play, due to the inability to set my controller back to its old layout.


Thanks for reading.



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