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Secure Mycona Colony - The Glast Gambit first mission - NPCs don't do their job


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i've tried the mission three times in the last days - yesterday (two times) and the day before (first try).

On the first try I got stuck at the first gate that needs to be closed. I destroyed the ... äh ... infested pimples but none of the hunters came. I killed spawning infested for perhaps 5min or more but no NPC called Hunter arrived. The door progress stayed at 0%. The hunter-alive-counter stayed at 4.

The next try yesterday I closed the first two gates. We approached the last gate. There were 4 hunters alive. It seems that one hunter or two hunters were behind the closed door and died. With me on the safe side were two hunters but none of them opened the door. They were not stuck, sometimes they moved around, stood up, crouched, but they always retreated behind the cover. I aborted the mission after some minutes.

Third try: the same as the second. We came to the last gate. 4 hunters alive - three on my side of the door. One blue dot on the radar behind the closed door. Infested were spawning, I could hear them and kill them with exalted blade through the wall. The three hunters on my side stood in the middle of the area between door and cover in a triangle and pointed their weapons at each other. They didn't move - nobody opened the door. I left the room and walked around the colony, destroyed containers and returned. Nothing changed. I jumped from the bridges and respawned on top again, went back but the hunters did nothinng. I killed some more infested through the door but nothing changed - the 4th blue dot behind the door was alive - the hunter-counter said 4 too.

I like the slightly different twist to mobile defense that you have to protect ppl instead of the console like in the normal mission type until the doors are sealed but please fix the NPCs or make it a normal mobile defense where I open the closed door and I start the doorsealing myself and let me defend the console. 

Or if I made the mission getting stuck somehow, pls tell me how and perhaps make it a bit more obvious what to do ingame.


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