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Well, I would say more words about Fortuna. I could even be max standing with people living there, but sadly I can't as someone in the development team (I am not pointing at anyone) made Orbs so beautiful so majestic that my good old PC just can't handle it.

Ironically it runs the rest of the game 100% fine on max settings but when it comes to Orb valley. it just sucks too much power of it forcing it to shut down.

It would be nice if in the next update someone could do some optimization of this place or better off. Tuned down the details. Thanks8405879.jpg

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Well since they announced the Dx9 drop support to fix their new call warframe bypass for particule and soo on.Forced play dx10 and few  hotfix after frame rate  is 50% cap,Funny found out ppl still use dx9 with no issue.

when I have a Dev stating Don't worry everybody will benefit of the change.For me now its like those 2 jokers above ''forum defender'' attacking OP

and many issue date back from Inaro quest btw

broke and fix it

skybox overlay in map,same in relay ever since they came out.that 1 was never fixed.and now its the login with a overlay.some progress


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