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Is akmagnus prime coming with mesa prime ??


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Current theory is that it's the Akjagara since those were shown off at Tennocon. They were originally believed to be coming with Chroma Prime, but it wasn't to be. 

Akmagnus are revolvers like the Akvasto, so it's unlikely DE would release such similar weapons in a row.

My belief is it'll be Akjagara and Sarpa Primes. Most of the PA's have been a gun and a melee recently, I doubt they'll give Mesa a normal Melee, so a gunblade fits her. Since they've never released two primes in the same or bundle in the same PA (for example Boltor and Akbolto were years apart) before, and Redeemer's part of the same bundle as Akjagara. So, the only option in my mind is Sarpa Prime.

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