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Captura the Battle Contest [Winners Announced!]

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Eh, why not? Never used Captura before, must say that this was surprisingly fun!

EDIT: Maybe explaining the scene could help what I was going for here: I wanted to do a little "massacre aftermath" scene, with the camera first showing a seemingly serene scene, then shifting over to an increasingly gory outlook, then revealing Ash still in the pose of his final attack used in the assault, finalized with a sort of "zoom out" camera style.

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I like the idea of this contest.  Gave me a reason to try out some interesting camera paths!

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Link just in case:


Made a mistake with the username in the video title, but oh well. 

Good luck to everyone participating!

P.S. Make sure to watch the video all the way

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On 2018-11-30 at 12:10 PM, [DE]Helen said:


It’s time to get combat-ready, Tenno. We’re working with sculpting artist, CNOTBUSCH to bring you a Captura video contest! This one’s all about the heat of battle. Show us how your Warframe fights by featuring your Warframe in a Captura video of a battle scene. The winning scene will be preserved in a custom statue by CNOTBUSCH!

How to enter:

Create a Captura video of a battle scene featuring your Warframe! Submit your video in this contest thread for judging.

Keep in mind that you will need to spawn enemies into your Captura scene to have a proper fight for your submission!


  • 1st place – a custom statue of your battle scene by CNOTBUSCH + Chroma Prime Access!
  • 2nd place – a custom statue of your Warframe’s bust by CNOTBUSCH + 1000 Platinum!
  • 3rd place – Chroma Prime Access!
  • 4th place – 1000 Platinum!
  • 5th place – 750 Platinum!

Need an example?


  • One submission per player
  • Video must not exceed 2 minutes
  • Video cannot be edited outside of the Captura tool
  • Submission must be your original work
  • Submissions must be appropriate for the community forums
  • Do not reserve spots in this thread
  • Submissions that do not follow these rules will be disqualified

This contest starts now until December 13 @ 1:00PM ET!


Let the battle begin, Tenno!


Hello how do i save my video in captura? I only see in the menu how to take a picture but not showing how to save the video in captura in the game




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First time doing one of these Captura things... But I thought I'd give it a go.

Mesa stands her ground, with nothing but her Redeemer by her side. 

I could have done better with the lighting, but for a first attempt, I'm reasonably happy with it.

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