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Captura the Battle Contest [Winners Announced!]


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 I spent most of the time trying to get the perfect pose, and there it is! Hope you enjoy!
The Excalibur umbra in this video is actually using its radial howl to get the killing blow on three sentients at the same time.
This is actually wrong because radial howl does not deal damage like that... But it looks super cool!! 
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1 hour ago, Rozraz said:
1 hour ago, FaeliecanSagus said:

why is there no tutorial for this captura mode anywhere?

it's because no one wanted to do one about it

Image result for invader zim gir i had no idea


anyway, i figured it out, so @anyone else who was confused: in captura, select the "advanced camera options" and start adding camera positions. you'll need more than one, and you have to move the "speed" slider up from 0 to make it move

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