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user-assigned item-type filter categories


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PROBLEM: managing inventory is chaos... from selling junk items (without selling stuff you need), to finding patterns you are trying to build, it's a bit of a chore.


a) create (3?) user-assignable filter category icons, They could be nameable, or they could just be abstract icons. 

b) create some mechanism to assign them to an item type (not a specific item)...

c) Make a way to filter lists by these categories, either by adding them to the existing filter bar... or ever better, make a three state bottom filter button (like the "only sellable" checkbox, but allow it to be [ignore, include, exclude])

d) BONUS: create a user-assigned "locked" category, which when applied to items would prevent them from being sold without some ultra explicit "unlocking" confirmation. (or just forcing the user to remove them from the locked category)

e) DOUBLE BONUS: add a setting to automatically lock crafted weapons and frames. (maybe even default this to on... which would both help new users, and potentially encourage more slot purchasing instead of selling to free up slots)


I could put "rhino systems" into the category I'm using for "trash". Then anytime I want to sell trash items, I go to inventory, select my "trash" category, and sell everything. 

I could put things I'm farming materials to build into a category I'm using for "todo". Then in the foundry I could go there, instead of going to "ready to build" which is cluttered with everything

It would put frames and weapons I want to keep (all of them), into the locked category so I would feel like I'm going to accidentally sell them when trying to clear out trash.

Simple. Console Friendly. Profit. 

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It's literally in the menu screen when you press ESC during missions, how's that hard to find? and it's in the arsenal like you said.....just because it took you that long to find it doesn't mean there's an issue, this one is on you mate 

The issue imo is the descriptions aren't detailed enough and leave out some important info sometimes, especially synergies 

And how does ability screen = inventory? and where's the solution? 

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