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Capturing Animal on Orb Vallis and Dying at Same Time Causing Black Screen?


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I'm not sure where to post this or what I'm doing so I apologize if this is incorrect but I think I encountered a bug on the Orb Vallis. I was tracking a Kubrodon whose call point was in the highway/tunnel (sorry, I'm not familiar with the name of the area) and after calling it, and waiting a rather long time for it to appear, I went to tranq it. I was using Equinox night form so I put it to sleep and hit it with the tranq rifle a few times (it had woken up and started running again). By the time it had been pacified I was surrounded by Corpus. I went to quickly confirm the capture but ended up dying at the same time. My screen then went black and I was unable to do anything aside from move the cursor and interact with the chat box. I feel like it could have been a conflict with the revive interface and the successful capture interface but I don't know anything about these kinds of things. I was playing solo so I died immediately. Again, I apologize if this isn't the proper place to post this. I'm unfamiliar with how this works. 

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