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Onslaugh: mixed enemy factions after host migrations


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i encountered this funny "bug" (or is it a feature?) several times in onslaught (elite, likely in the normal one too) already. it happens when one is already in the next zone, with the intended enemy faction engaging, and then the host not following through the portal, leading to a host migration. after the migration, there is a good chance that two different factions will keep spawning in the zone and funny enough, fighting each other... not sure if the kills from this "infighting" will gain any efficiency or not. i think this allways happen atm, but sometime the "other set" of spawning enemies is of the same faction than the normal one and it might not be easily recognised as two set.

i only witnessed this since some updates/hotfixes ago, so this might be related to whatever change was made to this mode recently.

another thing is, that after a host migration happens, the zone after this "battle royal" starts again from the first map of the cycle (only elite onslaugh, i guess).

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