Various Bugs in Orbiter

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I would like to make you aware of some bugs which I have found in the Orbiter.

You are unable to fill the side tank when you have filled the centre as it says that the side tanks have reached max capacity. 

Also when a friend visited my Orbiter, he was unable to see any of my decorations. See pics.

https://imgur.com/a/jX6tuhc - friends view

https://imgur.com/a/myHrKSD - my view stood right next to him

Visitors are also unable to enter the private quarters and the operator room at the back. The door does not open for them anymore. See pics.


The ramp does not always spawn in, can sometimes be used despite being invisible and other times it is unusable. 


Foundry doesn't show as working when visiting other Orbiters. See pic.


And a longstanding bug where your current frame on display 'spazzes' out and shakes for any visiting people, if they can get into the private quarters of course.


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I'm suffering from most of these as well right now, very frustrating.


In addition I also can't configure display posters any more. When I exit, all the settings (offsets, scale, etc) reset back to default. I am well under the decoration limit so I don't know wtf is going on but it's getting very tedious. It might have to do with the fact that while the deco limit was increased a while back, people who actually went over the original limit (like me) are having all of these issues when people who would still be under the original limit (like my clannies) have none of these issues.

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I see you've also encountered the orbiter bugs i too have them. infact i've made a forum post about it since the chimera and i update as i see new bugs every hotfixes and updates after the release of fortuna. i got some solutions for those to are visiting your orbiter and i must say that quite the collection of nuggles you have there.

The link to my post containing my claims and way you can have your friend clip through the closed doors



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