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Low Transparency Effects


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After making some graphical downgrades to optimize framerate (Fortuna/Orb Vallis is quite demanding compared to the rest of the game), all the effects in the game seem to have had their transparency dropped to less than half where they used to be.

For example, Mesa's Peacemaker reticule used to be very bright (I had a pink energy color) and easy to track at its smallest size. Now unless I give it a super bright energy color, like White, I can't see it at all. The default energy color makes it basically invisible against the blue of Corpus tilesets.

It's not limited to warframe abilities. ALL effects have reduced transparencies: Arson Eximus Fire Blasts, the Fire status effect, enemy energy projectiles, etc. Even if I bring all visual settings back to where they were (maxed out), the effects are still low transparency. It makes tracking enemy fire difficult (particularly Eidolon shots), as well as making other useful effects like Trinity's Link less useful since the low transparency makes it harder to track enemies on the other sides of walls during heavy action.


Focus orbs used to be very bright, to the point where I could spot one across a tile. Now they are halfway invisible (regardless of the Loki stealth color shift, it's the same without ability filters), along with all other similar effects.

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