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Controls and key bindings resetting

(XBOX)Ochita Okami

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While playing, my controller and keyboard would have the mapping reset to previous mappings or to default binding, and when switching between keyboard and controller to fix the mapping, their counter part would reverse back. Even after saving and reopening the menu they would reverse back. I understand that the game hasn’t been fully optimized for mouse and keyboard but would still like the problem to be known.

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Hi Ochita Okami,

Sorry about this - there was indeed an issue with my initial implementation of keyboard and mouse support on Xbox One where customizing either your KB/M bindings or your Controller bindings would cause the other to reset to defaults (in effect - the game was unable to preserve custom bindings for both input types simultaneously). However, I'm happy to report that I was able to fix the issue in time for our Fortuna build which just launched yesterday, so the next time you play Warframe this issue should no longer happen.


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