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So After Some Conservation Practice


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Haven't gotten enough info on the Kubrodon yet but here's some neato tips that I found, Pobbers, be ready to shoot multiple animals, they're small so make sure you aim high, you'll probably be around 30-40m so you should aim for the small of their back or their tail. Beyond that is guess work, using a frame that can sleep makes things easier but they wake up fairly quickly. Vermink, not too hard to hunt, they're a large target and I haven't had much of an issue catching them, just make sure you get off to a decent vantage that's not too high but not close enough for you to spook them (that goes for the same with pobbers). Bolarolas, here's an interesting one, instead of trying to find a vantage point, i find that it's easier to either stay on the call point or just move to a point slightly behind where you heard the call so you can just nail it in the head or chest. You don't even need it to do the animation of lifting its chest up because it RARELY ever does this animation. You can peg this #*!%er straight in the gob and get a catch. More info on the Kubrodon coming up.

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