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Garuda can't use other skills/revive partners/equip melee's/use operator


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I noticed this when first playing Garuda and i'm yet having this issue from time to time,IF you used your Dread Mirror or your Blood Altar (Mostly happens with Dread Mirror) in the same moment that enemies are killed trying to cast other skills/reviving/taking your melee out is impossible,you can still move around,use your primary/secondary and get drops normaly but when trying to cast any skill it says that the chosen skill is already taking effect,that happens even with her other skill (Seeking Tallons and Bloodleting),the only way for this issue to quit is ending the current mission,not even dying and reviving (by player and reviving by your own) don't work,energy don't have any incluence or whatsoever when this thing happens too and you can't also use your Operator while this bug is in effect,is a really hard to happen bug but when it does,the fact that you MUST get out of the mission and select another one for it to dissapear is really anoying,that being said,i decided to bring this problem here

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