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My list of bugs that should be fixed with priority.


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Made a little list, and while i could post them individually on the subforums i post them here.
These are bugs i feel are important enough that they likely bother many people and/or the bug has no bypass causing people to waste time being sad,confused,angry and desperate 😞



Trading with a player before they have properly entered the dojo causes them to be stuck in loading loop.

Inviting people with poor connecting causes in some cases grouping to fail, the only fix is to enter one of the public dojo's individually and find a trading post.


Enemies who magically gets pushed below ground or onto small edges players cant get to, Points can get stuck.


Exterminate, rushing though the map too fast causes enemies to stop spawning properly, this is likely a case of spawn script and fissure script not being foolproof when working together. (most commonly happens with Equinox massive AOE build on low level enemies)


Khora casting her second ability in Phase 1 will cause the heads to be dragged as well, very hillarious.

Ability Conflict:

Khora's Strangledome and Limbo's cataclysm causes enemies to not be affected by the other.

Interface issue:

Linking item while in a game sometimes causes Curser to stay active after pressing Enter.    (Fix is to enter and re-exit chat)
(Generally the thing of Enter working on everything instead of the Top layer (1 at a time) is also slightly frustrating)   (AKA pressing enter 1 time to Accept invite, send message, etc is annoying)


i could make a massive list, with logs and video for every bug i encounter, but i don't think you got the manpower for that, so i'll settle for the most important issues being fixed 🙂

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These are all long-standing bugs. I'll add some to the list:

  • Tonkor grenades do not explode on contact at any distance, and do not deal damage on contact
  • The "ability in use" bug is prevalent now, happens to me every third map or so (not just on the plains/vallis)
  • Nova's Antimatter Orb will stick to her arm and inflict ally damage if she is wearing certain arm accessories
  • The Clashing Forest staff stance has several broken (missing/misplaced/too small) hitboxes
  • The Quanta simply does nothing when pressing alt-fire with less than 10 ammo (should reload)
  • Fishing on the Vallis still does not work properly in multiplayer (servofish not catchable or not synced)

There are various other long-standing issues that, while not necessarily bugs, I would like to see addressed:

  • There are still no separate keys for weapon select (i.e. 1 for primary, 2 for secondary, 3 for melee, etc)
  • There is still no ability to insert items in the gear wheel instead of adding them on to the end
  • Tonfa weapons have extremely short range, even shorter than fist weapons, which makes them difficult to use (maybe fix in melee 3.0?)
  • Warframe's matchmaking behavior is infuriating (see below)

The matchmaking thing refers to the way the game aggressively puts players in squad even when they attempt to leave. In general the game is way too eager to keep squads together. When the host leaves a squad, that should simply dissolve the squad. Don't start slapping people back together and force me to mash the "Leave Squad" button for 30 seconds to get back to solo play. I don't know these guys, we've probably not traded even a single chat message, don't shove me into a group with them because we ran an alert together. I'd actually really like a "leave squad" hotkey in lieu of a toggle to change the default matchmaking behavior. I'd also like a "return to solo" or "leave squad after mission complete" toggle.

This is just what came to mind off the top of my head, I'm sure I could come up with more bugs if I think about it for awhile.

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