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Expanding Focus Schools


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The most frequent focus school that I see in missions is Zenurik, because energy regen, and Madurai for Eidolons, because of damage boost, but not that many Naramon, Vazarin, or Unairu. Why don't people use the other three more often? Too niche?

One idea for Focus I had is adding nodes that don't fit entirely in one Focus or another, a upgrade that takes two focus schools and introduces some of their abilities to another. Like maybe having a Zenurik that takes some influence from Naramon, a energy bubble that opens enemies up to finishers, but without the bonus finisher damage, for X amount of secs after leaving the sphere, or Zenurik with some Unairu, energy sphere that removes a flat amount of armor, while in the bubble. These in-between nodes would not replace the actual focus school, but takes some inspiration/ qualities and adds it to a focus school. Could be a primary school, with undertones of a secondary focus, that way one could try a focus, and if they happen to find two that they like, they could have some of those qualities bleed over to another one, not just combine two focus schools into one.

Another one could be Madurai and Unairu. for void blast, there could be the fireball, with either an added bullet attractor or a wisp that can boost the next attack by X factor. Or Vazarin and Zenurik for a void dash resulting in a area where one recovers health, while still healing the ally directly. 

These upgrades would only become unlocked after completing a focus school, either maxing out the nodes, or unlocking all of them. If anyone else can come up with ideas to expand this concept, or direct me to another thread like this, thanks.

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