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I have been playing Warframe on my PS4 slim for the past 6 months and it has quickly become one of my favorite things to do. For the most part I run into almost no bugs, but recently (the past two days) my gaming experience has been almost unplayable. I can't play more than two or three missions before I get a "Network Not Responding" error message, and a subsequent error message saying "Failed to update account. You will be logged out Warframe." I am then brought back to the home screen where a vanilla Excalibur is kneeling down; after a few seconds I either get the same error message and the cycle repeats, or I have the customized warframe I was using before the error replace the vanilla Excal and can start the game again. This issue occurs about every 15-20 minutes of play. This issue will only ever happen when my account is being updated; for example, I have had the issue when I am making changes in my arsenal, collecting something from the foundry, fusing mods, or at the end of missions when I am loading into my orbiter (when this happens I lose any affinity, resources, or mods I received during that mission). I don't know what to think about this because I initially thought it was my connection, but every other device in my household can connect to the internet and download/upload fine. Then I thought it was my system, but I just downloaded another game from the PS store with absolutely no issues; in fact, the download was faster than normal. By process of elimination the error has to be coming somewhere in my connection with the DE server. I put in a work order with DE but it disappeared. I was wondering if anyone else was recently having similar issues and wondered if anyone had any suggestions to rectify this.

I know the go to suggestion is to try an Ethernet cable connection, but that just isn't very realistic given the layout of my house and the location of the modem. I just recently obtained a new modem from Verizon with 5G capabilities almost two months ago. Every time I run a connection test on the PS4 my diagnostics come up all systems normal.

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