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No relic rewards


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Just like the title says, I just completed 3 void fissures with equipped relics, acquired the 10 reactors and completed the missions. Not one gave me a reward but the relics were consumed. Is it totally random if you get something? Because the game makes it seem like you get an item every time.

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You should get an item every time, as long as you had an equipped relic and you definitely had all 10 reactant - which as you say, you had so this is most likely a bug.

There has been an occasional instance where the reactant count shown wasn't correct, but I've only personally seen it happen where the game shows less than 10 when you have the full 10, and usually for other players rather than yourself...so I don't think that's the cause either.

At this point, I think the best suggestion to give would be to contact support and give them the time and date, the relics used and the fissure location/type that you ran (basically as much as possible to track it down in the logs) - it'll take a while for them to get back to you most likely, but this feels like a bug and they'll locate the issue and sort you out (but DO be patient with them, they've got 4 platforms worth of stuff to stay on top of!)

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