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Assassins on the plains and vallis


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I have something in mind and I would like to hear thoughts from others. 

I was just doing a random mission and Stalker started his monologue. 

And I though to myself " wonder if Stalker will be killed by the corpus if he comes on plains, also how will he lock me down, the whole place is one room, will he keep chasing me even if I am on my k drive or AW?" 

Which led me to a new thought process, the plains and the valis need their own assassins, the alert level is nice but I can pretty easily avoid the alerts or runaway. 


Killing corpus units on the vallis will add to an invisible counter (like invasions, maybe doing bounties will add to counter too) and when full we will be marked by a special vallis unit that will stalk us every time we enter it. running away will just delay him / her for a few minutes till he finds us again (or he disables our AW or k drive when he appears so our choices are limited).

I would like to know what you would like to see in this assassin. Like dialogues, movesets, rewards etc. I will add to the main post as I get inputs. 

I propose the same for the plains too. 

Current thought:

Name: The Collector 

Functional Description:

A hybrid corpus having vaubans mines and traps , dual pistols and sniper, (think bobba fett), jet pack and scorpion whip a full on badass bounty hunter 

Special companion cyborg kubrow with chesa like abilities that will spew nullifiers bubbles, provide shields for collector and bite you into submission will always be with him when he spawns.


Similar to a cache drop point. 

Win condition: sufficient damage. 

Win Rewards: special weapon BP (sniper) , rare mods, credits. 

Loss condition: frame health at 1 %

Loss cost : lose fixed credits or percentage of credits. Starts recovery mini quest to regain lost credits. 


You have caused significant damages to the corpus operations. 

You are now indebted to the corpus. 

The corpus demand accounting.

I am The Collector. 

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AFAIK, they do have a plan to implemented atleast Stalker into the plain. But those Stalker are player control/have people control it. Thus, it's only happen with any Online game mode (as Solo is not really online). There are some video on it too. Those Stalker kinda like invasion in Dark Soul where player can offer help or try to take out target (another player), either is fine when player play as Stalker.

But I don't think they really implemented that yet. Also, your idea is kinda like a new type of assassin. Which is not permit on open-world right now.

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