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PoE Bounties Are Still Some Degree Of Broken


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Ever since the cave changes made in Chimera, PoE bounties have been broken. Some are tedious, some can barely be done with 4 people, and some are just a fail condition.

  • Cache bounties in the ribs still spawn 1 cache on the surface that doesn't appear until you go underground, and the entrance to the cave is outside the mission area. if you're doing this solo, it's possible to fail the mission when leaving the cave, as you only have a second and a half to make it back into the mission area.
  • Supply Drop bounties, especially on Ostwan Range, will sometimes stop spawning enemies after the first or second cache, making the stage fail on time.
  • Area Control bounties almost everywhere will often spawn enemies in unreachable locations, or with such frequency that finishing the stage solo is impossible. Control will go from 100% to 20% in 10 seconds, and enemies can't be located before the stage fails.
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