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First, let me say that Fortuna has been a much smoother launch and overall a better designed experience than PoE (kudos to DE). However, the reality is that currently it's more buggy then when it initially launched. After the most recent Hotfix ( several bounty stages are downright impossible to complete due to bugs. Bugs which were not there at launch.

- Spy vault bounties fail instantly (happens to me every time since 24.1.1 Hotfix)

- Excavation bounties spawn zero Power Cells (started happening since 24.1.2 Hotfix)

- Hostage bounties don't spawn enough groups to get bonus objective (at least the bounty stage can still be completed)


For the sake of fairness I'll also note that some bounties are bugged in favour of the player. The assassination bounty allows you to skip the 1000 Credit collection stage the second time you do it (I suspect this is the same bug as the Spy bounty, it seems to "save" the state from the previous round). I'm MR21 and I have been capping standing every day since launch, I've done lots of bounties. The only bounties I have been able to complete since the most recent Hotfix are those that don't have Spy and Excavation stages. 😞

As an aside, I'm getting kinda annoyed and confused by the non-stop flip-flopping regarding arch-wing changes and mob difficulty changes. Can we please just settle on something and keep it for at least a few months? If anything the folks at DE are trying to do too much with all these Hotfixes, at least that's what is looks like to me. Hopefully things settle down and these bugs get ironed out eventually.

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