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Unable to use skills/operator when I should be able to.


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Trying to run a tridolon cap earlier and (as has happened a hundred times before to me and pretty much everyone who plays this game) I am suddenly unable to do ANYthing skill related. My warframe's skills do not activate when I have ample energy stored up. I also am unable to use my operator form, rendering me a useless meat sack for the monster to repeatedly kill until I have run out of lives and am forced to abort a mission I just spent 20-30 minutes working on.... I tried jumping into the water to fix this issue as has worked in the past but it seems that even this does not solve it anymore. 

Numerous clan mates were reporting the same issues the same day I was. So pretty much like every day.


This is absolute garbage and unacceptable to have such a basic fundamental part of the game be so inconsistent. SHAME.

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