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Unable to progress the 5th task of Vox Solaris Quest


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In the 5th task of Vox Solaris Quest (Talk to Eudico in Fortuna) you're required to do an excavation mission, in my first try i need 1 more power cell to finish the excavation but it doesn't seem to drop even when i waited for around 15 minutes. Then I tried to replay the quest but instead it doesn't spawn enemies that drops power cell AT ALL. I tried restarting the quest, restarting the game, and even wait to try it again in the next few days but the problem still persist. Now here I am posting about the bug in hope that a moderator will take a look at this bug.

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Had the same issue and restarted it so many times. I soon noticed however that not every location spawns the same amount of carriers. And when they do spawn by the truckload there are also a truckload of enemies that can easily destroy the excavator before your beginner character can finish all of them.   

What I did to make this work eventually:

I did not go straight through the mountains to the designated place, instead I went left along the road and along all the settlements I could find. Trailing along the designated mountain as far as possible, killing sporadic enemies,  until I had my energybar filled up completely. Then I went into the mountains right around the area that has a kind of radio tower. The excavator then lands in a place that also spawns more enemies. Keep moving to keep them spawning and use your full energy bar that you just collected to crowd control the heavy waves of enemies and focus your attacks themselves on the carriers. This should do the trick. (still risky and dangerous, but the lack of energy won't be an issue) 

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