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possible improvements on orokin lab, Rell's Donda and etc.


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Dear [DE], here are a few improvements that might make things better for other players, or it might only satisfy myself but hopefully it does satisfy other players.

1. Let's talk about the "Orokin Lab" that was built in the Dojo but only serves provide the blueprints for dragon keys in which after they are acquired the lab became useless. And since the dark sector is still being worked on (I think?) and armistice is still going on, there's not much use for the orokin lab other than the aforementioned blueprints. Seeing as my luck in acquiring good loot is in the lower end with the combination of my inability to strike a good deal with other players, I can hardly earn enough platinums for "blue potatoes" or "gold potatoes".

So here is my suggestion, to make the orokin lab a bit more useful to players is to make it possible for players to use either one of the orokin reactor or catalyst and some orokin cells (other additional materials can be added) to craft the other. ie: 1 orokin reactor + 100 orokin cells = 1 orokin catalyst and vice versa. As both the orokin reactor and catalyst has the same function of increasing mod capacity and both are technically of orokin origins, they should be able to transform... right?

ps: this is also partly due to I have more orokin reactor than catalyst in which the latter is more desired. 


2. The mesmerizing Rell's Donda, I heard of rumors that people are able to buy multiple Rell's Donda but it was then patched and limited to only one for each player, this is quite a disappointment as it is quite a beautiful piece of decoration. I really do wish that [DE] is able to repatch it so that players are able to buy as many of this mesmerizing donda as they want.

And since I'm talking about this, it would be really nice to make it so that the more Rell's Donda you have in the orbiter the often it is for "void daddy" to visit you... I really missed that "person", after "The Sacrifice" quest, "he" hasn't appeared much since, and it's so difficult to encounter "him" since he disappears once he is out of camera view in which "he" speaks to you when you are occupied with something and it almost always startles me which makes me swivel my camera quickly to view my surroundings which makes "him" come into and out of camera view in a blur and then "he" is gone.


3. Clan trading tax, to make it so that the credits collected from trading in the Clan be contributed into the clan credit vault so that it can be used by the clan members for decorations or researches, as players tend to favor trading in the Dojo. And when the credits reaches an extremely large sum, the clan will be able to unlock the "Clan Vault" room to see the glorious, mountainous pile of credits they have stored... wouldn't that be something. I bet in the whole bottom portion of Maroo's Bazaar is used to keep all the trading tax credits that she charged throughout the years (I wonder what's the view there like).

Or to make it where the trading tax is paid to the other player instead of going to the void.


Well... I do hope these ideas get a chance and if they don't... It's worth a try.

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7 hours ago, ChibiBSOD said:

make it possible for players to use either one of the orokin reactor or catalyst and some orokin cells (other additional materials can be added) to craft the other

Not going to happen, at least not 1:1. It isn't some mystery or some huge oversight that DE gives you a disproportionate amount of Catalysts vs Reactors. Being able to trade them for each other goes against them appearing in different quantities.

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