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Unexpected behaviour on Nekros/desecrate/despoil+operator


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Went into operator mode after getting gassed by new loka, respawning and activating Ab3 on Nekros (no-shields infested spy, neptune spy mission I think)

probable event 1: nekros deactivates Ab3 and I have to reactivate it
probable event 2: nekros stays behind and loots anything that dies in his aura

 Most corpses in an area around the operator get despoiled using operator health

stability\reproducability-untested. Just wanted to see if this was normal
urgency-I am cool with this

? 250HP->~150HP every despoil from operator(probably a fraction of that, multiple corpses were despoiled almost simultaneously after a corridor cleaning blast), warframe seemed to be missing a small amount regardless of how many extra items were uncovered as operator (untersted)
despoil stops when operator fails to refill health(150 seems to be too low to despoil another corpse, but if health orbs are ran over after, the ability works again)
the area seemed a lot smaller than the +range modded nekros had in different missions, but it could have been just my percepcion

WIll Nekros still desecrate in operator mode?
Asked by ArisaSensei 

Normally, entering Operator mode makes your Frame invulnerable, completely ignoring all incoming damage. However, if you have a Channeled ability active, your Frame only ignores 90% of incoming damage. Since Desecrate is a Channeled ability, Nekros will take damage from enemies while you're in Operator mode, though Desecrate will still work as long as Nekros has Energy or Health. The problem is that Nekros isn't picking up Energy Orbs, so Desecrate will eventually run out. If you're using a Despoil build, the problem is that your Frame is not only taking damage, but also using health to power Desecrate; sooner or later, your Frame is going to get downed, and I believe that when that happens, you're automatically yanked out of Operator mode and put in a downed state.

Short answer: yes, Nekros will Desecrate while you're in Operator mode, but it's generally not a thing you want to do.

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