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Your Most Satisfying Moments In Warframe.


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I'll start;

1) Handing in the last point of the game in Index seconds before the Rhino with about 60 who's just held them all game, and hearing him rage.

2) Fragor Prime charging attack a random Grinner half way across the plains.

3) Fishing in the plains and getting annoyed at Grineer interruptions, 5 mins later Terry stomps through the nearest camp in the distance.

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Usually connected to trading or dropping something i could trade for a few hundred or more plats.

It was also pretty satisfying back when i learned how to play Harrow and Sonar Banshee.

People thanking me and calling me senpai for wiping Hydron with pre-nerf RQ Banshee. (i noticed their pain because of slow leveling without RQ) :D 

Dropping a Lanka riven.

Watching Speed spam Volts and Bounty leechers swear in chat due to host migration while i'm leaving.

Passing some MR tests after many tries and even giving up on one.

Realising how cool and functional Nyx's abilities really are after getting Nyx prime and spending some Forma after just passively farming and dropping the normal variant when i was nub.

Looking at the damage numbers every time i play Banshee, "Look at them...".

Edit: Realising if you open the tab at the upper right while seeing the title, you read "your mom".

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Beating MR11 mastery test! Took me two months because I didn't know the intricate details of bullet jumping! I had no clue you could get an extra jump in. I honestly didn't think it was possible and when I figured out the parkour stuff, I kept getting physically so nervous that I'd mess up by falling off the platforms or forgetting to add more time and I'd have to wait another day.

When I noticed that I wasn't afraid of the Stalker anymore! I used to hop, flop, jump and run all over the map until other players finished him off, now I actively go after him and literally feel the blood rush to my face in pride when I take him out myself.

One winter day, during a blizzard, I decided to solo all the missions in the Derelict while listening to the Grateful Dead. The contrast between the fast gameplay and the relatively slower music while the snow fell down in bucketfuls left a lasting magical feel to that day!

One time I had 3 million + credits in Oberon blueprints.

Getting Itzal/Fluctus was a game changer for me. I hated archwing until I got that combo. Until I got them, I was always the one with like 20-30 kills and 2000m from extraction. It's weird, you don't really need Itzal/Fluctus to get kills and go fast, but I think the overall positive experience I had with them caused me to get more interested in archwing and thus, get better at it.

Doing Derelict Survival 2 hours with Valkyr, before Hysteria got a hysterectomy. The Infested get so colorful and they're spouting all that toxin, or sending out huge walls of flames. I remember stopping once in a while just to stare in awe!

When I finally learned how to do that one Void puzzle where you have to jump down a tunnel of lasers in the beginning. I literally used to just turn back when I saw that it was this one. For a long time, I thought the goal was to get inside that black bubble on the wall. I had no clue there was a room below!

Getting that last Equinox part!

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You know, I've cleared the star chart solo, done arbitration and sorties. Got a solo Teralyst cap down to 5 minutes and can somewhat handle the Gantulyst (Those yellow beams are miserable haha)

However, the moment I finally found the last Kuria statuette to scan on Uranus was probably the most satisfying thing ever. (here's a screenshot from the night I completed it)


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