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I Believe UI Bug - Perhaps


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I have an Auberon Prime Chassis which is described as the Prime Part which needs to be sacrificed to Cephalon Suda to reach her max rank.

I have maintained it rather than sell it for Ducats to Baro Ki'teer.

Each time I attempted to view (before I reached 99,000 Points in Cephalon Suda's ranking), and now still that I have achieved it I am told [through the small (x) at the top-left hand side of the Auberon Primer Display Box in Cephalon Suda's Syndicates Menu - that I do not have the part required].

In checking my inventory again I still possess the Prime Part... I will attempt to grab another of these primes through Lith relic missions, but even if this fixes the problem (Needing to have two of these Prime Parts), I can take screenshots and provide more detail to help in elucidating the over-all problem for you.

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