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Kitguns bugging on Uranus, loss of FX, loss of... everything (Fortuna


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I must admit I was expecting bugs on this planet, since zaws have been experiencing similar wonkiness, namely that if you go into a sharkwing section on Uranus, zaws lose their melee speed, yet not to a consistent degree, some lose more than others and I can't really determine which factors truly give the end result.

Anyways similarly I am experiencing buggy behaviour on Uranus, so far I've tried out the different chambers. With the Gaze things weren't really detrimental, the beam FX would seize to exist after going through a sharkwing section, but other than being invisible the gun still performed the same, however that was not the case for the Catchmoon, which might be due to the difference of having bullet travel time.

With the Catchmoon the projectiles similarly turned invisible, however more serious... the projectiles stopped existing at all, you could still shoot, it'd still make sound, but no projectiles would fly and no damage would be dealt.

The Rattleguts experienced similar behaviour to the Gaze in that bullets would turn invisible, but they'd at least still hit the target and deal damage.

Finally the Tombfinger again performed (or not) similarly to the Catchmoon in that projectile FX disappears entirely after a sharkwing section and additionally seize to exist at all, not hitting and dealing no damage.

As hypothesised under the Catchmoon bit, I think the difference between them is the existance of projectile travel time, which if is a thing results in loss of all shooting capability.


TLDR: All kitguns lose their weapon FX upon doing a sharkwing section and kitguns with travel time fail to shoot at all afterwards.

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