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New Defense Frame Idea - Need a Name!

(XBOX)Sage Prime

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Theme: The  Fortress Besieged

                Health: 300
                Shield: 75
                Armor: 350
                Energy: 100
                Sprint Speed: 0.85

                Duration: 100
                Efficiency: 100
                Range: 100
                Power: 100

Passive Ability:

·         Battering Ram: coming in contact with an enemy while sprinting will immediately knock them down.


1.       Bastion

a.       Deploy up to two castle walls lined with cannons

b.       Cannons damage dependent on power, fire time dependent on duration

c.       Walls remain standing after cannons stop firing

d.       Walls health depend on armor (has less health than Atlas’s Tectonics at base stats)

2.       Banner

a.       Provoke and enrage all enemies in range

b.       Provoked enemies will target __________ for 10 seconds (affected by duration)

c.       Enraged enemies will deal 25% more damage (affected by power, high power reduces enemies damage, low power increases enemies damage)

d.       Base range: 10m

3.       Guardian

a.       Becomes immobilized and creates an area of damage absorption

b.       __________ takes 100% of damage inflicted onto allies (affected by power inversely, high power = low damage taken, low power = high damage taken)

c.       Absorbs all damage from allied Warframes only, does not apply to objectives or specters

d.       Energy consumption: 5 energy/second (affected by duration)

e.       Base range: 15m

4.       Unbreakable Hope

a.       Becomes invulnerable to damage for 15 seconds (affected by duration)

b.       When time runs out __________ and all allied warframe receive an armored skin with health calculated by the following equation:

                                                               i.      Armored Skin Health = [(damage taken)/((2X(number of allies))/(power))]

Physical Description:

·         Large, bulky, and armor plated

·         Armor looks like bricks in castle walls

·         Left shoulder armor evokes a huge castle gate

·         Head similar to a medieval French knights’ helmet

·         Narrow shins

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6 hours ago, (XB1)SirMilkfiend said:

Thats very neat. Combining mechanics of Harrows 4 with Rhino's 2.

Anyway the theme says King Arthur to me so I'd go with Arturus or for more sci-fi Arcturus (name of a star). Or maybe just Ark.

To further add to this, I'd possibly go with something antithetical to King Arthur within the Arthur mythos since Excalibur exists who channels Arthur already. Since Excalibur has a bit of a light theme going on the side, I'd possibly make this frame more dark to counterpoint it. It'd work well since Excalibur's very offense-focused too and this frame is defence-focused.

To that end possibly a name like Lancelot or Mordred, two knights rather famous for going against King Arthur.

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