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EnhanceVolt: Shield should cause Slow detriment, and costs reductions.


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Other Volt abilities should enhance gameplay, such as speed, its stupid and costs alot, and should atleast stack with additional powers for Volt's weapons and melee. Otherwise enhance his passive trait to work together with his otehr abilities that he/can occasionally teleport behind the shield with the subcommand/R3 or at least a different mechanic / secondary assists. Pr. Quick retrieve/R3, the shield is difficult and expensive option for players. I also though of the shield should refract damage, not just absorb it or counter back with a snare if zap is shoot through the shield then it should be enhancing the teams bullets, or going beyond the movement speed afflictions and cause other thundering hindrances to the shielded players since its such a small shield/area there should be more benefits, and its already really expensive and could stay up longer enhancing volts passive ground/rate/speed/maybe he can expand the shield by recasting it with R3 near or touching it instead of removing it to get back energy,   for low hp and crouching features you can give volt more armor and fire/rate since hes closer to the ground the speed up and passive should enable some natural surges that cause damage and enhance melee briefly..or somethignlikethat. just think about letting Volt shoot a hadoken, and eventually we can talk about making the passive trait/volt work with static while mid-air.

&_& Volts 1st ability zap or watever its called is weak, and doesnt deal alot of damage, im currently lv17 and am still not totally impressed with anything volt has, other than his passive trait, which is rather lacking visual enhancements, if there was other ways to power up or get other new pre-mod traits, then i would suggest that the passive traits grew or were to have a-archeology/hyarchy list / tree to select 4 from a list of level earned, but that wont be until some future, and also whats up with prime weapons, i have braton prime and lex prime and they come without anything special modslots just empty and normal, without any reduction polarities or special attacks/secondary fire, so weird compared to other weapons i've used so far.

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new ideas for volt, and enhancements
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11 minutes ago, DeMonkey said:

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I still hold out hope that one day OP makes sense.

Appears that today is not that day however.

lol yeah its been a weird night and today is not one of those perfect days for me, however i got a cool new idea for Volt to be enhanced in mid air, so if he lands it gives him a movement speed increase and chakra, otherwise he/she can perform some crouching to gather energy before shooting a powerful haduken bullet, maybe like megaman. This post however was about making the shield and his primary ability better, since they are not completely impresive and volt faster with his speed active, there was some scatered thoughts i just wrote it all down, everything volt really needs to have at least a secondary command, thats why i said you can take the aircombat by using static and radio frequencies, since thats sort of volt/natural. And crouching/sprinting features to enhance the passive traits and the weapons enhanced.g2g

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