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K-Drive Tricks: High-Score Exploit


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Hello, while playing around with my K-drive after Hotfix's "Grindy" trick fixes, I have encountered a bug that could be used as an exploit and allow for very easy 3000 point trick score.
Please note that this is not another post complaining about the changes to how the "grindy" trick affected the score multiplier.

The exploit is as follows: I have discovered a way to increase the speed at which points are gained while grinding, separate from the score multiplier, by around ~750%. This seems somewhat high, and makes it very easy to obtain 3000 point tricks. While I assume this was not intended, it may also simply be a feature no one had discovered until now, but I find that unlikely. The bug occurs when one combines a grab with a grind. To do so, the individual must hold Mouse 1 (on PC) and a directional key while in the air to perform a grab. While grabbing, hitting crouch performs a grind grab. When this is done, the base score gained while grinding on a rail drastically increases. For testing, the large pipe outside of Fotuna (that everyone uses) was my testing benchmark.

My testing has been brief, but it covered what I could think of. Performing a normal grind on the entire length of the pipe with no multipliers provided a score of around 60-70 points. Performing a special provided a score of 450-460 points. This bug has been performed in multiple instances of the Orb Vallis, both solo and in public games. It applies to a K-drive both with and without all varieties of mods. It also occurs with the base K-drive everyone starts with as I found a friendly Tenno who still had one to test with me as well.. I am unsure how it affects custom K-drives other than my own. I have only tested this with myself and one other Tenno. 

I do have a theory on what is causing the bug. Traditionally, performing a grab on K-drive would increase the rate of score speed increase while in the air. I'm assuming somehow that speed increase is being activated while grinding, and is multiplying the grind score accordingly. I don't know much about the system though, so I could easily be wrong. Regardless, I hope this helps. 

Furthermore, if this is in fact a feature I was unaware of, I'm sorry for the disturbance. But the ability to obtain a 3k score simply by having a x6 multiplier, and only requiring a few tricks to do so, seems too good to be true. While it has made grinding K-drive standing very easy, I'm assuming that's not quite the intention of the system. Additionally, If I don't hear anything in regards to this, I'll most likely be letting the rest of the community know. If it's not a problem I'm sure some people would appreciate an easier way to get big scores. I'll keep an eye out for replies, and hopefully things gets resolved to the benefit of DE. 


Thanks for reading, and have a great day!
-Tenno Clanq



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