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Clipping out of bounds on Earth Spy Missions via elevator


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First post here! I'm sorry if this has already been reported, or if it's even worth mentioning, or if this is the wrong forum.


On the first spy mission (Cambria), one of the objectives involved a sort of water slide which you optionally ride an elevator to exit.

If you activate the elevator, and roll off in the direction you're travelling, it traps you, then pushes you out of bounds at which point you can jump down an endless pit that eventually teleports you consistently to the same location after a certain amount of time.


Sorry I don't have a video, the NSW version for some reason doesn't support video capture (performance reasons?), though this can be done rather consistently.

I also have found instances of being trapped in the environment, requiring you to quit the mission as a result, I'm not sure if these collision related issues are worth bringing up, though I'd be happy to share upon request.

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