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Please take the 30s to read this first:
This is a group-project of my clan "Riven Dealers" and I only own a fraction of these rivens. Due to that there is no point in contacting me except you want to buy a riven which is marked with "Smurf". Otherwise please contact the right owner of the riven (you can figure out who that it is by reading the name added to each riven and then by checking right below this to which IGN this is name is referring)!

Thanks for your time and Merry Christmas!

@-TheFacelessDealer- = "Faceless"

@xenon_nobelium = "Xeno"

@IAmBananaCat = "Cat"

@Smurfdaddy = "Smurf"

@Mairo-kun = "Hanare"
(current IGN: "--Hanare--")

@Jigoogly = "Jigoogly"

@Vesplex = "Vesplex"

Everybody except Hanare has the same IGN as their name on the forum! Feel free to contact either of us in-game or on the forum!





Heavy-Rivens: (=Snipers, Launchers, Bows and Crossbows)













You can find rivens for these weapons in this shop:
Ack & Brunt, Acrid, Afuris, Akjagara, Aklex, Akmagnus, Akstiletto, Akvasto, Amprex, Arca Plasmorr, Arca Scisco, Astilla, Atomos, Attica, Azima, Battacor, Baza, Boar, Boltace, Braton, Buzlok, Cassowar, Castana, Catchmoon, Cernos, Corinth, Cyath, Daikyu, Dera, Despair, Detron, Dokrahm, Dragon Nikana, Dual Cleavers, Dual Toxocyst, Euphona Prime, Exergis, Falcor, Ferrox, Galatine, Gammacor, Gaze, Glaxion, Gorgon, Grakata, Gram, Grinlok, Grinlonk, Gunsen, Hate, Hek, Hema, Jat Kittag, Karak, Kestrel, Knell, Kohm, Kronen, Kronsh, Lanka, Lato, Latron, Lecta, Marelok, Mewan, Mutalist Quanta, Ooltha, Opticor, Pandero, Panthera, Paracesis, Paris, Phage, Phantasma, Plague Keewar, Plague Kripath, Pyrana, Quanta, Rabvee, Rubico, Sibear, Sicarus, Snipetron, Sobek, Soma, Stradavar, Strun, Stubba, Supra, Sybaris, Tenora, Tetra, Tiberon, Tigris, Tombfinger, Tonbo, Torid, Twin Vipers, Twin Grakatas, Twin Rogga, Vasto, Vectis, Vulkar, Vulklok, Zarr, Zenith, Zhuge

All rivens listed with prices & owner:


Ack & Brunt Tempi-croniata 1k Smurf
Acrid Visi-satido 500 Smurf
Afuris Crita-hexatis 1.7k Jigoogly
Afuris Hexa-saticron 2k Jigoogly
Akjagara Acri-hexacron 5k Jigoogly
Akjagara Acri-toxicron 5.5k Cat
Akjagara Acri-vexicron 6k Vesplex
Akjagara Acrican 2k Vesplex
Akjagara Crita-Acriata 10k Vesplex
Akjagara Crita-vexican 7k Vesplex
Akjagara Crita-visitis 5k Hanare
Akjagara Critacan 2.5k Hanare
Akjagara Visi-critacan 2k Vesplex
Akjagara Visi-toxican 5k Hanare
Akjagara Visicron 4k Vesplex
Aklex Acri-critatio 1.3k Jigoogly
Aklex Saticron 1.6k Jigoogly
Akmagnus Crita-hexacan 3k Smurf
Akstiletto Sati-hexaata 1.4k Jigoogly
Akvasto Visi-lexican 2.5k Smurf
Amprex Lexi-critadex 850 Jigoogly
Amprex Sati-acridex 1k Smurf
Arca Plasmor Sati-acricron 3.5k Vesplex
Arca Plasmor Visi-satitox 1.5k Cat
Arca Scisco Hexa-acrican 1.5k Smurf
Arca Scisco Hexacan 750 Jigoogly
Astilla Saticron 1.5k Cat
Atomos Hexa-satidra 1k Jigoogly
Atomos Visi-Satitox PMO Faceless
Attica visi-acrinok 750 Xeno
Azima Crita-acritox 1.3k Jigoogly
Azima Igni-saticron 650 Jigoogly
Battacor Hexa-satitis 1.75k Cat
Baza Crita-satiata 3k Vesplex
Boar Crita-vexitis 1.5k Jigoogly
Boar Hexa-satitio 6k Hanare
Boltace visi-hexatis 500 Xeno
Braton Crita-visitio 1.65k Cat
Buzlok Sati-Acriata PMO Faceless
Buzlok Vexi-satiata 1.25k Cat
Cassowar Visitor 1.3k Jigoogly
Castana Feva-satiata 400 Jigoogly
Catchmoon Conci-satiata 5k Smurf
Catchmoon Hexa-visican 5.5k Cat
Catchmoon Visican 6k Smurf
Cernos Sati-concicron 1.5k Smurf
Corinth Critacan 1.5k Vesplex
Corinth Critatis 2k Jigoogly
Cyath Locti-acritio 450 Jigoogly
Cyath Loctinent 600 Jigoogly
Daikyu Conci-acricron 1.5k Smurf
Daikyu Sati-visitox 2.5k Hanare
Dera Acri-Visican 1.5k Hanare
Despair Sati-lexicron 1k Jigoogly
Detron Hexa-Lexiata PMO Faceless
Detron Hexacan 1.65k Cat
Detron lexi-hexacan 1500 Xeno
Detron Satiata 500 Jigoogly
Dokrahm Locti-cronitis 3k Smurf
Dokrahm Pleci-acritor 1.5k Vesplex
Dragon Nikana Toxi-visicron 4.5k Jigoogly
Dragon Nikana Visi-loctidra 4.5k Jigoogly
Dual Cleavers Croni-critatis 1k Jigoogly
Dual Toxocyst Crita-acrican 725p Cat
Dual Toxocyst Hexa-satidra 850 Jigoogly
Dual Toxocyst Vexi-satiata 1.5k Hanare
Euphona Prime Crita-satidra 1.2k Jigoogly
Euphona Prime Hexacron 1k Jigoogly
Euphona Prime Sati-toxiata 2k Hanare
Euphona Prime visidex 500 Xeno
Exergis vexi-visican offer Xeno
Falcor Temp-sciata 120 Jigoogly
Ferrox Sati-acriata 4k Hanare
Galatine visi-critator 429p Cat
Gammacor Hexacron 750 Jigoogly
Gaze Critaata 1k Smurf
Glaxion Sati-visitis 2k Hanare
Gorgon Vexi-satiata 1.1k Cat
Grakata visi-acricron 2500 Xeno
Grakata Visi-Critacan 4k Faceless
Gram Acricron 3k Smurf
Gram Locti-critatis 3.5k Smurf
Gram Visitis 2k Jigoogly
Grinlok Visi-critatis 3k Hanare
Grinlonk Critaata 2.5k Jigoogly
Gunsen Acri-gelicron 500 Smurf
Hate Critatis 399p Cat
Hek Hexa-visican 2.5k Hanare
Hema Hexa-satimag 650 Jigoogly
Hema Hexa-vexican 429p Cat
Jat Kittag Acri-croniata 600 Hanare
Jat kittag Visitor 700 Jigoogly
Jat Kusar Hexa-acricron 549p Cat
Jat Kusar Visi-cronitio 1.1k Jigoogly
Karak Sati-acriata 2.5k Hanare
Kestrel geliata 500 Xeno
Knell crita-toxican 750 Xeno
Knell Crita-visidra 1k Hanare
Knell Hexa-critacan 1k Smurf
Knell Sati-hexacron 1.1k Jigoogly
Kohm Hexa-armacan 2.5k Jigoogly
Kohm Hexa-Visidra PMO Faceless
Kronen Crita-toxiata 699p Cat
Kronsh Croni-critator 1k Hanare
Lanka Acri-visicron 6k Vesplex
Lanka Crita-satitis 18k Vesplex
Lanka Crita-visitis 4k Smurf
Lanka sati-hexacron 2000 Xeno
Lanka Satitis 25k Faceless
Lato Acri-satidex 1k Smurf
Latron Visi-hexacan 1.5k Smurf
Lecta Toxi-loctiata 500 Smurf
Marelok feva-satidex 850 Jigoogly
Mewan Visi-critatis 3.5k Smurf
Mutalist Quanta Crita-toxiata 299p Cat
Ooltha Visi-locticron 1.65k Cat
Opticor Acri-vexicron 3.5k Jigoogly
Opticor Crita-acri-tox 4.5k Jigoogly
Opticor Crita-toxitis 3.5k Jigoogly
Opticor Visi-critacan 4k Smurf
Pandero Acri-visican 5k Hanare
Pandero Acri-visicron 5.5k Hanare
Panthera Acricron 1.2k Jigoogly
Paracesis Crita-Loctitis 3k Faceless
Paris Sati-critadex 749p Cat
Paris Satitis 1k Smurf
Phage Hexa-satinok 2.5k Smurf
Phage visi-saticron 1500 Xeno
Phantasma Visi-toxitak 549 Cat
Phantasma visidra 750 Xeno
Plague Keewar Acricron 1.8k Jigoogly
Plague Keewar Crita-acritor 3.75k Cat
Plague Keewar Croni-acricron 3.5k Vesplex
Plague Keewar Croni-visitis 4.5k Cat
Plague Keewar Locti-toxidra 1.5k Jigoogly
Plague Keewar Loctiata 1.3k Jigoogly
Plague Kripath Crita Visitor 5.5k Vesplex
Plague Kripath Loctiata 1.6k Jigoogly
Plague Kripath Loctitox 550 Jigoogly
Plague Kripath Visi-acritor 4k Vesplex
Pyrana Acri-saticron 4.5k Smurf
Pyrana Sati-critatox 2.5k Smurf
Pyrana Sati-visitio 2.5k Hanare
Pyrana Toxi-critadra 1.2k Jigoogly
Quanta Acri-vexicron 1k Hanare
Quanta Acri-vexicron 459p Cat
Rabvee Visitor 950 Jigoogly
Rubico Acri-Satiata 7.5k Faceless
Rubico Crita-fevacan 4.5k Jigoogly
Rubico Sati-acritak 5k Jigoogly
Sibear Cronitis 200 Jigoogly
Sicarus Crita-Hexatis 1.5k Jigoogly
Sicarus Sati-Critatox PMO Faceless
Sicarus Visi-Critatis 5k Vesplex
Sicarus Visi-lexican 1.45k Cat
Sicarus Visinok 350 Jigoogly
Snipetron crita-toxican 750 Xeno
Sobek Sati-visitis 3.5k Hanare
Sobek Sati-Visitox PMO Faceless
Sobek Visi-satitak 6k Hanare
Sobek Visi-Satitak PMO Faceless
Sobek visidex 2500 Xeno
Soma Crita-acritox 1k Cat
Soma Critatis 1.5k Faceless
Stradavar Sati-toxiata 1.5k Smurf
Strun Cronidex 550 Jigoogly
Strun lexiata 1000 Xeno
Strun Sati-toxiata 4k Smurf
Strun Visican 2.5k Faceless
Stubba Crita-hexatis 3k Jigoogly
Supra Croni-visicron 1.3k Jigoogly
Supra Visi-Satidex PMO Faceless
Sybaris lexi-critaata 750 Xeno
Sybaris sati-critatio 1.7k Jigoogly
Tenora Visicron 700 Jigoogly
Tetra Sati-visitox 1.5k Hanare
Tiberon Hexa-acrican 2k Smurf
Tiberon Sati-visicron 7k Cat
Tiberon Visi-hexanok 1k Smurf
Tigris Crita-satiata 2k Vesplex
Tigris Sati-visidex 1.25k Cat
Tombfinger Sati-critatis 6k Smurf
Tombfinger Visican 3k Smurf
Tonbo Toxi-croniata 800 Hanare
Torid Vexi-saticron 849p Cat
Twin grakatas crita-toxidex 750 Xeno
Twin rogga sati-hexatis 1500 Xeno
Twin Vipers Crita-satidex 3k Smurf
Twin Vipers Lex-Satiata PMO Faceless
Twin Vipers Satiata 1k Smurf
Vasto Crita-vexican 750p Cat
Vasto crita-zetiata 500 Xeno
Vectis Crita-Acritio 3k Faceless
Vectis Crita-Satiata PMO Faceless
Vectis Crita-sciata 3k Vesplex
Vectis Fevacron 750 Jigoogly
Vectis Hexa-visicron 1.5k Smurf
Vectis Lexi-Visicron 5k Faceless
Vectis Sati-Critaata PMO Faceless
Vectis Toxi-saticron 1.75k Cat
Vectis Vexi-critatis 5k Vesplex
Vectis Visican 1k Smurf
Vectis Visicron 1k Smurf
Vulkar Acri-Critaata 7k Faceless
Vulkar Acri-Toxicron 2k Jigoogly
Vulkar Crita-hexacan 2.6k Jigoogly
Vulkar critaata 1750 Xeno
Vulklok Acri-Critaata PMO Faceless
Zarr Sati-hexaata 1.5k Hanare
Zenith Acri-hexacron 3k Jigoogly
Zhuge visi-satitin 500 Xeno

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I'm realy sorry for the people who visited this post while it was broken. I thought imgur links would finaly work on the forums properly again but I guess not. It only displayed the images for me and not for anybody else...

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