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BUG - I got killed but didn't die


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While I was fighting a boss in the Plains of Eidolon I tried to change into my operator to stop myself from dying, something happened and I was shot up into the air and couldn't move, I tried fixing this with /unstuck but that put me into the ground Which caused me to not be able to pick up anything and let me break the borders on the maps. This is video proof of it. RIP all of my loot


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10 hours ago, LazyBunnyKiera said:

Curious, did you try going into the water? Cause that freakin sucks, sorry this happened to you Deathcon-9, i hope someone from support watches the video and gives you all your goodies.

Yup, I tried going into the water, going outside the map and it didn't work, Thanks though.

I don't mind if I don't get my loot, I love this game and don't mind grind for a bit longer, I just hope this helps the devs fix this so it doesn't happen to anyone else

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