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Game bugged on Verifying Download Cache, Now says I have 0 plat


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So I was trying to log in as usual yesterday but the update wouldn't launch, so I tried to tell the launcher to optimize the download cache. It tried to this but would always get stuck at 99%. I ended up having to download the entire game again. When I did get in, the game sent me a confirmation code to my email, saying that this was the first time I had played Warframe on this computer (It obviously wasn't), but I went to my email, got the code, and put it in. It let me in, but then it showed that I have 0 platinum when I should have a little over 800. I'm not sure why it did this, but why would the game suddenly wipe my account of plat and think I was on a new PC just because I had to redownload it again? Perhaps my account was hacked. Nevertheless, I changed the password just incase. Is there a way to get the plat I lost back?

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Clarification for possibility of account hacking
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