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I'm Speechless!


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The new dojo decorations are absolutely everything I've ever wanted! They are so beautiful. Really DE have outdone themselves. My favorites are Cosmic dust and Cherry Blossom Tree! I was doing some trading and got bored, so I decided to look at decorations for inspiration and Lo and behold! Now I can build my Super Cosmic Multiverse!  I'm going to throw in a lot of floating asteroid rubble and some of those shiny screens (portals to other dimensions!) The possibilities are limitless! Thank you so much for this!

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Be wary when using big walls, they can merge and pass through other unrelated rooms with ease.

Putting a portal on the ceiling allows you to start your camera out of bound, this will allow you to literally build into another dimension or at least build without the "Snapping" limits that are inside of rooms.
Very efficient for building snowy/rocky floor that aren't 30 meters too high.

Other than that, have fun.

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