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Void trader ripoff


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i purchased a mod from the from the void dealer on 02/12/2018 at 12:23 pm, the mod was a primed point blank for shotguns and had a description of +156% damage. it cost 300 ducats and 110,000 credits and took me several hours to farm the required currency. after i had purchased it, and equipped it to my Strun, the mod only gave me a +15% damage increase, which is exactly the same as my regular point blank mod that i got for free on a mission. this in completely unfair, and i would like to now if could somehow either get the mod i paid for, or get my money back so i can purchase something else

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I don't know what to tell you, mine is working fine. I even went into the simulacrum and tested it, just for you. And did math too, and i'm lazy, and i don't like doing math.
I'm looking at my corinth, puncture only. No other mods on.
the base puncture is 226.8.
so 226.8 + 90%(204.14) = 430.92, and the weapon is saying 430.9 (it rounds to the nearest 10th.
226.9 + 165%(374.22) = 601.8. the weapon is saying 599.8. not sure why it lost 2 damage, but what ever. 599.8/601.8 is close enough.

In the simulacrum,

i shot a level 100 crewman, in the head
no mods and got 523 damage on the highest pellet. the weapons total damage was 540
with pointblank each pellet said 993 on the highest pellet, total damage of the weapon is 1026. (523+90% = 993.7)
With prime point blank 1383(highest pellet) . the total damage from the weapon equaled about 1428 (per pellet) (523+165% = 1386).
By highest pellet, i mean damage not added by procs such as slash.

So it's working perfectly fine for me. Now maybe yours specifically is bugged, or maybe it's saying it's maxed out, but it's not. Or maybe the enemies have armor, or you're trying to add it with other mods that're giving you false numbers. not all mods that add a damage % do so honestly. But base damage mods like primed point blank and hornet strike and such, are quite honest about it.

A dishonest mod, is one like Physique, for aura slots, add 18% of your base health, if your character has 100 base health, it's only adding 18 health. Even if at rank 30 your character has 300 health. Physique will STILL only add 18 health, and isn't affected by, and doesn't affect health mods like vitality, and is probably the worst possible aura mod ever imagined.
Even for Inaros it's a terrible mod, you're better off with steel charge or power donation, and then using the extra capacity for more health mods like primed vigor, and/or umbra vitality + umbra fiber. At least then you can fit bigger mods and you get more melee damage.

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16 minutes ago, Reifnir said:

Purchased mods are unranked. 

Mods in the trader's window, on the other hand, are shown fully ranked.

Go farm that Endo, kiddo ^^

I literally didn't even consider that he may not have ranked it up. now that you mentioned it. i'm thinking @theonetrueboffhead may not even know you can rank up mods. o_o OMG is he in for a surprise. 

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Poor newbie. I mean this not as an insult but as a actual term. You've gotta be new. As previously stated, mods that you buy from the void trader are unranked, meaning you have to upgrade them, as with any mod to get the best multiplier. My best advice I can give is to watch youtube. There is tons of content out there that will teach you everything you need to know about ranking up mods. GL and HV!

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I purchased 4 mods from the void trader about a month ago, i forgot the name of them but they were basically the ame mod 4 times. Also i bought 2 prime mods. Itook a breakfrom the game for about a month, coming back to look for those mods and they ar not there. What do i do?

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