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ALL Bugs and Crashed i encounter COLLECTION (NS)


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Most of the time I play in handheld mode, because pro controller just dint optimize and feel awkward to use, so the problem I occur mainly during handheld mode, not sure it affect docked mode or not, feel free to add on if you occur other problems

1.pro con dead zone/input lag

2. pro con motion control not sensitive at as joycon/handheld mode 

3. the chat timeline randomly appear number

4. cannot purchase the cash pack at eshop

5. received bounty mission at Cetus from Konzu crashed with NS system (Chinise Simplified/Traditional)

6. Archwing stuck every where in PoE

7. Enemies dint appear/stuck underground 100-200m (no cave around) during bounty mission on PoE )

8. cannot enter PoE when you set the NS system with Chinese (Simplified/Traditional)

9. No Chinese input keyboard in all chat when you set the NS system with Chinese (Simplified/Traditional)

10. Enemies at Sedna- Hydron(defense) stuck randomly or dint come out from room

11. If teammate start a solo mission, the rest become black screen

12. Mirage damage dint show correctly on progress view calculation when using skill Hall of Mirrors(I think clone attack damage dint included)

14. when open relic, reactant stop appear when it has dropped 10(sometimes) or when one of the teammate has collected 10, you have to rush back from the start to collect the reactant

15. motion control dint response when you switch from handheld mode to docked mode

16.mod switch from config A to B dint change sometime (at B it still show A mod set)

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