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Can an official dev confirm this please? (pax seeker)


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hace 6 minutos, Kyoresh dijo:

in general discussion? not the best Idea  I've seen today...but not the worst either


hace 1 minuto, OmegaZero633 dijo:

You’re not going to get a dev response in general discussion, just a heads up.

You could at least tell me where to post it then, not just criticize for free.

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7 hours ago, -Oni-Bushido- said:

Hi. I have tried with google and still nobody has a clear or confirmed answer to this, so I'll ask the devs. Does a - slash riven affect pax seeker's bolts status procs?

test it you have the tools to do so 

devs dont know the ins and outs of every weapon in this game id assume most players know more about the inner works of the corinth then glen or scott 

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