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K-Drive Model Glitching


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So, a while ago, I bought a K-drive off the Vent Kids that I thought looked cool. It used the standard parts, and I saw nothing really wrong with it...

And then when I jumped on it in the Valis, the parts shifted around weirdly. For some reason, the engine and jets have moved up the board a bit, and the clipping it causes is making me upset.



And it's not just this setup. The very first K-Drive I ever obtained, the one I bought right after Fortuna Launched, does the same thing!



I don't understand. The models fit together as they should when they're not active, which to remind everyone is supposed to be like this:



Some of my friends have told me that they've seen the same thing. It's honestly bugging me, and I'm hoping that by posting this, that this can be fixed.

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