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Zaw stat preview in Inventory has incorrect stats


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Go to the menu, then Equipment->Inventory. Third tab over is Weapons. Zaws are at the bottom, under Z. So far all good. Hovering over the weapon gives a short description, and you can hit Tab to view the weapon's stats, one tab per fire mode. A very neat feature, I believe it was added with the UI update that shipped with The Sacrifice.

This stats preview is broken for Zaws, and gave the exact same stats for three very different Zaws with different parts (a Nikana Zaw, a Hammer zaw, and a Machete, all built for way more damage than the ~35 the stat preview said they had). The stats can be vastly, massively different from the stats when viewing the Zaw in the Arsenal in the Orbiter. It provides a wrong description to the player of what their weapon is and can do.

This comes up when, for example, considering which weapon to sell to make the best use of limited Weapon slots. Which is generally done from the Inventory screen, and where quickly and accurately checking stats might inform the decision of what to keep and what to toss for a small amount of credits.

I don't have any and therefore can't check, but I suspect Amps and Kitguns may be broken as well.


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